Please enjoy the resources, there will be more to come.


Crown Financial

Plugged In (Focus on the Family) - Website Pastor Mike mentioned. This is a great resource to help inform and protect your family, they include Movie, Video, Music, TV and Video Game reviews.


Evidence of a Global Flood

Web Links (click links below for more info)

Calvary Chapels:

Horizon Christian Fellowship - New Horizon is named after Horizon Christian Fellowship.

Calvary Chapel South Bay - The Church where Paster Mike came from.

Calvary Chapel - Home of Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel Open Door - We do a lot of outreaches with Calvary Chapel Open Door.

Other Ministries:

Basin Youth for Christ - Sharing the Gospel with the Youth of the Klamath Basin.

Calvary Magazine - Learn about the great things God has done around the world through the ministry of Calvary Chapel Magazine.

Glad New Ministry - Samy Tanagho site with book "God loves you my muslim friend".

Gospel for Asia - Evangelism and Church planting in the unreached regions of Asia.

Klamath Falls Gospel Misson - A light for those in need.